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Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media

            Social media such as Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Telegram,Whatsap etc is most popular now. Hardly does anyone use Social Media today, particularly the teenager. Surely, technology have taken much attention many people in over the world. Not only the teenager utilize it, but also adult.
            The development of social media is higher and higher. As a moeslim, especially moeslim teenager, we should aware that every activity will be questioned in hereafter without exception, including how we behave in daily social media, how is our behavior in communicating with others in social media, how much time we spend in social media, whether we fill in our day more in social media than in worshiping to Allah like reciting the Qur’an, memorizing Qur’an and Hadist and other good deeds. All about our activity will be questioned and asked by Allah.

            As muslim we should aware that nothing in Islam is done without purpose. Allah has created the human beings as the best creator (QS. At-Tin: 4) and Allah has granted them high intellectuality, Allah also has facilitied “aqlu” to think,  to considere  whether their attitude is good deed or bad deed. Thus, the social media not only be unmeaningful tools, but also worth devices raising your taqwa day to day.
These are some advanteges of social media:
1.      Delievering news, knowledge and other current issues will be easier.
In social media, we can write scientific article, islamic article, opinion, novels, poem and others,  we also can upload the inspiring vidioes and we can share it easly.

1. Obtaining and updating the daily condition of world quickly.
If other region face the troubles, accident, violent, etc, we can obtain the information fast. Althoung we are separated by the continent, we will be able to axces to many areas. No matter how far we are

2. Social media will be a field to spread islamic thought.
Nowadays, many people was misconception about Islam. Some of them think that terrorist is muslim and other wrong accusation to Islam. If anyone says that Islam is the violent religion, or Islam oppress women because of Hijab’s obligation. You can remedy their assumption with describing the truth that Islam not as their thought. Islam is peaceful religion which never does Islam teach to do violent as terrorist do. All Allah’s commands are to protect the human being to be the best creator. It’s not to burden the believer.

3. Enlarging the social networking
Social media help you to communicate with many people in worldwide. You can relate with another without spending a lot of money.

4. Bestowing a much opportunity  to purchase your business. You can exhibit or advertise your product easily and simplely. You needn’t spend a lot of budget to make advertisement of your product. Just desain and share it in Social Media.

What I have explained above is my view about advantages of social media. These is my hopeful. Yet in reality, there are many disadvanteges of social media. Some of them is what I’ll mention below:

1. Expose the aurah easier
We can’t deny that in fact several people  use social media to expose their body, their aurah, their beauty etc. Meanwhile Islam has captured in The holy qur’an clearly to cover our aurah, including in social media. Because of this fact, several people will be not lowe their gaze. They get the image freely, and then they stare it deeply. What will be happen then? Their heart was dirty until some of them do the prohibited relationship or the relationship before married.

2. Deloying the srunder
Several people are use Social Media to spread the srunder, to accuse without proof or to speak unworthy. Therefore, the someone or the community which is accused with bad accusion will be lose confident.

3. Conventient to deceive somebody
If you have ever bought the product in online, the seller usually ask you to transfer your mony for the fist. And the second, they will send you the product. Sometime they deceive you conventiently. In fact, some of purchaser doesn’t send you your product and they disappear suddenly.

Hence, as a muslim we should utilize social media to do good deed and prevent ourselves to make bad deed. For the last statement, I’ll give you some questions. Here they are:
1.      What should moeslim do to master Social Media?
2.      How do you punish the online thief or online deceiver?

Thanks for your time to read my article. ^_^

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